Netflix Rant

I’ve been the proud owner of a Netflix account for about six years now. There have been massive strides in the streaming experience. The amount of content has increased tenfold and phenomenal Netflix Originals are added every week. It is the binge-watcher’s heaven. I only have one major complaint.

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#258 Post to my Blog 50x

Bucket List item #258: Post to my Blog 50x

Well, here’s my 51st blog post. Boy, this has not been easy. I thought for sure I could keep up with consistently posting twice a week, and for a while, I did. It was damn exhausting though and a larger time commitment than I thought it would be. It wasn’t like I was doing this for followers or likes, I was doing this because it was a goal that I set for myself. I used to journal all the time and wanted to get back to doing that. I created this as a space for me to write down thoughts, document my adventures, and come up with something fun and productive to do with my spare time. Continue reading “#258 Post to my Blog 50x”

30 Easy Date Ideas

In any season (all can be indoor):

  1. Cook together
  2. Splash around at a water park
  3. Have a board game night
  4. Take a road-trip
  5. Build a fort
  6. Go mini golfing
  7. Schedule a wine/beer/whiskey tasting
  8. Play paintball or laser tag
  9. Make homemade margaritas
  10. Have a lock-in – get food delivered and don’t leave the house for 24 hours
  11. Go to the shooting range
  12. Visit a museum

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#282 Explore Ice Caves

Bucket List item #282: Explore ice caves

This past January, I took a week-long trip to Iceland with my sister. The main goal of the vacation was to see the Northern Lights. You can read my post here about it. While witnessing this natural beauty was the main reason why I decided to trek to Iceland in the cold, dark winter, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed my other adventures around the frozen island. Battling out quite close to the Northern Lights was my experience on a glacier tour.  Continue reading “#282 Explore Ice Caves”

#4 See the Northern Lights

Bucket List item #4: See the Northern Lights

This past January, I took a fairly spontaneous trip to Iceland. While the weather may have been more enjoyable in the summertime, I wanted to finally cross #4 off my list and December/January are the darkest months with the best chances for views of the Northern Lights. I scheduled my trip for an entire week because I know that even in the dead of winter, whether or not you see the lights are completely up to chance. If you schedule a week trip, it’s most likely that at least 4 of those days will be too cloudy, 2 will have low atmospheric activity, and 1 day will be just what you need. That’s almost how it happened. Continue reading “#4 See the Northern Lights”

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