Retro Slang We Should Still Use

Holla – can be a greeting to say “hello” or can mean to give someone a call

What’s the haps? – a greeting to say What’s up? or What’s new with you?

Yo – a short greeting, typically accompanied with a head nod Continue reading “Retro Slang We Should Still Use”


#192: Have a Friends-giving

Bucket List item #192: Have a Friends-giving

When I moved to Colorado six months ago, I knew that I wouldn’t be back in Minnesota to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It would be my first Thanksgiving away from home. So, I knew that finding a good group of friends would be important to me and I could always celebrate Friends-giving instead!  Continue reading “#192: Have a Friends-giving”

#95 Snowboard with Brooke

Bucket List item #95: Snowboard with Brooke

I added this one to the list knowing that I would be moving to Colorado with Brooke as my new roommate. This bucket list item has been several months in the making. The first thing I bought was my snowboard, way back in July. Over the next few months, I started accumulating everything I’d need because I’m determined to make this my new winter sport, dedicating all my weekends to the mountains. Continue reading “#95 Snowboard with Brooke”

Booked it! Iceland

When I want to set up travel plans with someone, I’m typically the driving force behind any progress. Tuesday night, I called up my sister and we talked about when we might finally want to make the trip out to Iceland we’ve been talking about for some time. Less than 24 hours later, I had us both booked on flights (with her permission of course). Continue reading “Booked it! Iceland”

#123: See Anthony Again

Bucket List item #123: See Anthony Again

This one is a little more personal than most of my other bucket list items, so I’ll give the cliff notes version rather than gushing about everything. This is also the most vulnerable I’ve been in any of my posts so far, so even writing this is a little terrifying for me. The only thing keeping me from nixing this entirely is knowing we can’t grow if we aren’t willing to be vulnerable. Continue reading “#123: See Anthony Again”

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