#21: Cliff Diving

Bucket List item #21: Cliff Diving

The first time I went cliff diving, I was in Mexico with my best friend, Sam. I’m not sure how high the cliff actually was, but I can tell you that hitting the water hurt like hell. Maybe I was doing it wrong, but each time I jumped, I got water rushing up my nose and my swimsuit riding so far up my butt. Last week, I ventured out again here in Colorado to cliff dive. It’s what my roomie, Brooke, wanted to do for her birthday and she found a nice 70 ft cliff up at Green Mountain Reservoir for us.


When we arrived, there were signs everywhere saying the area was closed. Still, people were ignoring it and jumping anyway. so, we stripped down and climbed up. We started at a lower level, maybe 40-45 feet. There weren’t a lot of people going up to the 70 ft cliff because you had to sort of scale the side to get up. There were a few that did though. Brooke’s plan was to ease into it. So, we jumped twice from the low cliff first. It wasn’t so bad. I still got water rushing up my nose, but hitting the water wasn’t painful at all. It was damn cold though. I do enjoy the feeling of falling, being free in the air for a few seconds.

20583021_254860581686351_1131273589534752768_nShortly after our second jump, a police officer showed up and started shooing everyone off the cliffs and back to their cars. Brooke was pretty disappointed, but I was relieved. I had no desire to jump from 70 feet. We did learn that the cliff was closed because of an accident that happened a few days prior to our visit. A young man jumped and did not resurface from the reservoir. Knowing this, I’m happy to respect the wished of law enforcement and not return. There are other things I’d rather do anyway if I wanted to be adventurous, like skydiving or bungee jumping. Cliff diving? Not really my thing.


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