#120: Tour a Brewery

Bucket List item #120: Tour a Brewery

Well, you couldn’t have expected me to live in Colorado very long without crossing this one off my list. There are more than 350 craft breweries in CO after all.

20170611_150828But of course, one of my first weekends here, I did one of the most touristy things I could do and went on the Coors Brewery tour. Some advice if you ever visit this beautiful state — I wouldn’t recommend this tour on the weekend. We waited in line for about an hour and a half and when we finally got it, there were no physical tour guides working, just an audio tour. The factory line wasn’t up and running either, which would have been really cool to see. The saving grace of the Coors tour is that you get 3 free beers at the end. Oh, and the tour itself is free too. Being pretty new to the altitude, we did get a little buzz by the end of our time there, which was a lot of fun.

aviary-image-1502052736546More recently, we went to tour a smaller brewery called Upslope Brewing, located in Boulder. This tour was also free, but no free beer unfortunately. Still, it was highly educational and really interesting to see how beer is made. It’s so scientific! They spent a lot of time going through the differences between making ales and lagers, neither of which I drink a lot of. I prefer to stick to stouts and porters. The most interesting stuff to me is hearing about how these smaller places get started. For example, Upslope’s founder was brewing out of his garage and put his kids to work canning and labeling. I’m hoping his kids were already grown adults at the time. I imagine it takes a lot of guts to quit your day job and commit to brewing full-time. It sounds like a super fun job to have though!


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