#118: Donate Blood

Bucket List item #118: Donate Blood

Last summer, I signed up to donate blood at a blood drive being held at my work. It never quite worked out for me to be donating before. I was either busy that day with meetings, forgot to eat breakfast, or had to engage in physical activity (marching band practice) soon after. This time, however, I was prepared and ready to go. Continue reading “#118: Donate Blood”


#21: Cliff Diving

Bucket List item #21: Cliff Diving

The first time I went cliff diving, I was in Mexico with my best friend, Sam. I’m not sure how high the cliff actually was, but I can tell you that hitting the water hurt like hell. Maybe I was doing it wrong, but each time I jumped, I got water rushing up my nose and my swimsuit riding so far up my butt. Last week, I ventured out again here in Colorado to cliff dive. It’s what my roomie, Brooke, wanted to do for her birthday and she found a nice 70 ft cliff up at Green Mountain Reservoir for us. Continue reading “#21: Cliff Diving”

A to Z: Words We Should Work Into Our Normal Vocabulary

Here is a list of 26 words that I love. They are unusual, but have the ability to convey feelings that our normal vocabulary lacks words for… and for everything else you feel, but can’t describe… well, I guess we can just call it ineffable. Being a travel aficionado, most of these are related to seeing the world and experiencing life through travel. Enjoy! Continue reading “A to Z: Words We Should Work Into Our Normal Vocabulary”

#17: Graduate with Honors

Bucket List item #17: Graduate with honors

I am the person who always needs to go for the highest achievement. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember. I try not to believe that this is something my parents have influenced because they always said they wouldn’t care either way, but I liked that they were proud of me. I remember inviting them to honor roll events as early as elementary school, which is all where it really started. Continue reading “#17: Graduate with Honors”

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